Hello World, I’m Bristol, a Handicapped Cat.

Bristol at one day old.

This is our handicapped baby girl Bristol. We have raised her from birth do to her mother trying to kill her.Her story is in “about us”. Bristol’s back legs haven’t worked since birth. She doesn’t know that she is handicapped. She thinks she can do anything. She climbs the stairs, climbs straight up the side of our bed which is almost three feet high. She climbs to the top of the couch to sleep. When she wants to go upstairs and doesn’t feel like climbing them she will meow so one of us will take her up. Sometimes when she comes down the stairs she goes very fast. It’s fun to watch her go down. She is very playful. Sometimes when you walk by her she will get your leg with her paw when your least expecting it. Sometimes she will chase Pat around and try to bite the top of her foot LOL. Other times she will sneak up behind you and run and hide in the drapes when you turn around. She thinks we can’t see her but only her head is behind the drapes and the rest of her is sticking out, very funny! She is a blast to have around. Pat and I love Bristol very much. Never thought I would love a cat like I do her! We also have two other handicapped cats, Tigger and Bridgette. Thanks for looking and leave a comment, Bill

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