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Bill & Pat Bicknell

This is our story.

We moved to Eagle, Idaho (we live in Star, Idaho now) from Glendora, California on 02-01-04. Driving up here we went thru a snow storm where you could not see 10 feet in front of you! That was in Snowville, Utah. I was wondering if we made a big mistake moving from sunny southern California to snow in Idaho. Well there wasn’t much snow in Eagle, but we had to get used to the cold weather, (the wife loves it!). I do concrete and remodeling work for a living and the cold does affect my work. Pat is a Scentsy consultant and the weather really doesn’t affect her work. But we sure are glad we moved here! Idaho is a great place to live. When we moved here we only had the four dogs, no cats, that was just fine with me. We had cats before and I liked cats, just didn’t want any more of them. Then on 07-13-04 our neighbor came over with this day old black kitten. He asked us if we could feed it and take care of it because her mother had killed the two other kittens. He said if we couldn’t he was gonna have to chop her head off with a shovel! Well we couldn’t let that happen so we took her and started bottle feeding her. It was like having a newborn again. (We have four kids and four grandsons)  We named her Bristol, our new baby! It was about three days later she started crawling around and our oldest daughter who was visiting from California noticed she was dragging her back legs, oh no! Her back legs did not work! What do we do now? She was fine other wise and we already fell in love with her. We called the vet and took her in. She was too little for x rays so we had to what until she was six weeks old. They couldn’t find anything wrong. Her back legs just didn’t work. They think the mom might of had distemper and that’s what caused it. The mom knew there was something wrong with her kittens and that is why she wasn’t going to let them live. Bristol is seven years old now and to me is the best cat ever! I will be writing more about our other cats later, as you can tell I’m not a writer but I am doing some things I never thought I would  be doing, like this site and expressing handicapped cat bladders and colons! Thanks for reading, Bill

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  1. Cindy Bell says:

    It is people like you that really have a heart , a love for animals. Not knowing what kind of challenges you would have to make this cat happy, You showed love and cared for this cat instead of putting it to sleep. Caring for one disable cat im sure is hard but you took on the world and raised 3 more! congrats to you and your family, for showing the world love is everywhere. Thanks for sharing your site with me, I hope it is ok if i pass this site on?

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