This is our beautiful handicapped cat Bridgette. We got her February of 2005 from NAC. The lady who had her couldn’t take care of her any longer.
Bridgette was born in July of 2004 in a shed in someones backyard. When the litter was about six weeks old a dog got in the shed and  scared the mom and kittens out of there. The lady went in the shed to check and found nothing. When she was leaving she heard the faint cry from a kitten. She went back in and dug around and found little Bridge. The dog had got her and broke her back! The lady took good care of her and  was taking her to get acupuncture treatments. She would even take her to work with her. Soon she wasn’t able to take her anymore so she had to leave her at home in the bath tub so she didn’t poop and pee all over. So she thought she could have a better life somewhere else so she gave her up to us. I have to express her bladder twice a day and her colon once, she cannot wear a diaper because of the way her legs are. We tried everything we could think of to keep a diaper on but no such luck. She has an occasional mishap every once in a while. I think she still remembers the dog attack because if one of our dogs gets to close to her she smacks em! LOL. More on Bridgette later.

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  1. Sarah says:

    I’ve been taking care of a handicapped cat since 2006, when my little Miracle Pig was hit by a car and paralyzed. I express her bladder and bowels, and take her for walks in her special wheelchair. Reading your site was especially touching to me because I have some of the same joys and challenges that you do. Feel free to email mem id love to swap stories and tips!

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