Mr. Tigger

This is our handicapped boy Tigger James. We got Tigger in June of 2006. He came to us from Northwest Animal Companians (NAC). The people who had him couldn’t keep him any longer.
Tigger was just six weeks old when he was in a storm and had a door slammed on him that broke his back. The people that had him had just lost their first baby to a miscarriage so Tigger was their baby. They took very good care of him. Expressing his bladder and changing his diaper. They also gave him a bath everyday. They found out he was allergic to cat food with corn in it so had to buy him special food. They ended up having two healthy babies but had to get rid of Tigger. They really didn’t want to. The day we were to pick him up she said she couldn’t part with him and not to come get him. Well she called the next day and said he had an accident on the carpet and the landlord said he had to go so we got this special smart boy! He was about five years old when we got him, so he  is around ten now. Every day I express his bladder and colon and change his diaper. His is pretty good about letting me do this but I do have a few scars from his claws LOL. He is the smartest cat I have ever seen. He figures out how to do things other cats wouldn’t even think of. Example-we had to board him to go to California for my dads funeral and when we went to pick him up his cage had tape around the safety latch! Yep, he figured out how to do the safety latch and the other latch to get out. Oh ya, he loves to go outside and sneaks out the dog door. One day we had the dog door closed and he got on his back and was able to get the door open and out he went leaving his diaper in the door frame on the way out, my wife Pat was able to video that. I am going to try to post that so you can see it. It is on a tape so I need to figure out how to get it on the pc. I am pretty new at all this computer stuff but I am learning! More on Tigger later.

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  1. Edie Heymann says:

    I want to thank you so much for you stories. I am a foster mom of kitten rescue for several years. In September I received a pregnant Manx who delivered 4 beautiful kittens. Around 1 week of age, I noticed a “sore” on one of my kittens (rumpy riser). The vet said it was a pressure sore and not to worry. Well, I am a RN so I did worry and watch. The next week, I noticed that I would lift up one of the kittens by the scruff of the neck and the legs were withdrawn. I returned her to the shelter and the answer was, give her time. To make a long story short, I did. 4 months later, I love this little girl so much and she has taught me that she “can do it” She can climb with her front legs and run on her back knees better than anything I have seen. She is incontinent of urine so I have her in premie diapers and she is with me all the time. I just can’t agree or express the feeling of love and courage she has given me. She will be sent to a Manx rescue sanctuary this week and I will cry. Tiny Dancer will always be in my heart and she gives so much more love to me than any other cat I have had. Please, keep telling people, you don’t have to kill your cat because he is disabled. He will return the love ten times over.

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